Continuing Legal Education in Pakistan: Its Importance and Need


  • Muhammad Imran Staff member SAHSOL at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Faculty Superior Law College Lahore
  • Adnan Rehman Lecturer University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, AJK
  • Maryam Qasim* Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Dir Upper
  • Saifullah Muhib Advocate High Court (s), Partner Kakakhel Law Associates Peshawar
  • Kiran Nisar Lecturer Khyber Law College, University of Peshawar


Continuing legal education (CLE) or continuing professional development (CPD) mean providing practical and requisite training to the newly inducted lawyers in the legal profession. In the developed world like US, UK, and European Union, CLE/CPD is mandatory and lawyers whether juniors or seniors are under statutory obligation to complete certain hours in a year as CLE/CPD and in case of failure, their licenses are suspended till they complete training. The sole purpose of this training is to keep lawyers abreast of the changes in the laws and other interdisciplinary subjects. The quality legal education is provided in the US and UK; even then the lawyers are required to undergo CLE/CPD.The CLE/CPD is necessary because it not only equips the lawyer with the latest knowledge and skills but also is helpful in advancing their professional career. India has established CLE/CPD centers to provide training to the lawyers. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, institutionally CLE/CPD has not yet been kick-started. The CPD is provided in every department in Pakistan ranging district judiciary, Police, Foreign and Pakistan Services Pakistan et al. Alas! To the lawyer’s community, such a facility does not exist except for a few individuals. In Pakistan, lawyers only undergo nominal apprenticeship prescribed Bar Councils Rules, that too is not seriously done.

Keywords: Continue Educaiton, Professional, Development, Legal Education, training, life-long process, Apprenticeship, proper course material, Bar Councils etc.




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