A Research Review of the Objections to the Hadiths Related to the Visitation of Allah in Paradise


  • Dr. Aftab Ahmad Assistant Professor Department of Islamic studies SBB University Sheringal Dir Upper
  • Dr. Muhammad Inamullah Lecturer, Islamic Studies, Abbottabad University of Sciences
  • Dr. Amin Ullah Assistant professor, Department Islamic Studies SBB University Sheringal Dir Upper
  • Fouzia Ayub Phd Scholar, Hitic University
  • Muhammad Anisur Rehman Phd Scholar, Hitic University
  • Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Director Affiliation Majma Ul Uloom Al Islamia, Lecturer at Jamia tur Rasheed Karachi


Allah has created another world after this world, which is called the Hereafter, in which heaven and hell have been repeatedly mentioned. Those who obey Allah will go to heaven and those who disobey will go to hell. All kinds of blessings in Paradise have also been mentioned in detail among these blessings, the greatest blessing is the visitation of Allah, which Muslims will be blessed with in Paradise. It is proven to see the Almighty and Muslims to see Allah in Paradise. But some religious scholars deny that how can Allah be seen. That is why they deny all the hadiths that prove the presence of Allah in Paradise. Therefore, in this article, this subject will be commented in the light of the verses and hadiths of the Holy Quran so that the truth of the subject will be revealed.

Keywords; Objection, Visitation of Allah, Paradise, Research review, Hadith




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Dr. Aftab Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Inamullah, Dr. Amin Ullah, Fouzia Ayub, Muhammad Anisur Rehman, & Dr. Rasheed Ahmed. (2023). A Research Review of the Objections to the Hadiths Related to the Visitation of Allah in Paradise. OEconomia, 6(2), 165–174. Retrieved from https://oeconomiajournal.com/index.php/Journal/article/view/65